In the previous rotulus, we delved into the division of the Nation of Israel into 2—10 Northern kingdoms and 2 Southern kingdoms (Judah and Benjamin). The theme, “God’s endtime dealings with Israel” is to walk Israel through history and convey by the scriptures expectations for Israel in this end of time.

In fulfilment of His word, God dispersed the nation of Israel to other Nations for their disobedience and rebellion. We must understand that this dispersion was not a one-step process but occured in time, in history, and will still occur in near future.

The tribes being divided, the dispersion started with the 10 Northern kingdoms. In 659 B.C, Shalmaneser of Assyria besieged Samaria (capital of Northern kingdom) (2 Kings 17:17-18) and the Assyrian captivity began properly in 657 B.C in the days of Hoshea king of Judah. Later on in time, the 2 Southern kingdoms would also be dispersed into Babylon around 524 B.C when Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem and after 18 years the Temple was destroyed and burnt (2 Kings 25) and according to the word of the Lord, Jerusalem would be in a 70 years servitude in Babylon (Jeremiah 25:11-12). This condition is defined as desolation and in the future, there is a prophesied desolation for the Nation Israel (Daniel 9:27, Revelation 12:6).

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